Sofina Primavista – Powder Foundation UV

This post is the second of a 3-part review of the Sofina Primavista products I purchased. You can read about the liquid foundation here, where you’ll find an overview of the Primavista range as well. For the ‘Multi Cover Base’ primer, click here.

Jan 2016: Just want to say my new fave is the Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation


The Sofina Primavista powder foundation, like its liquid counterpart has an SPF of 25 with PA++. This is the ‘Long Keep’ foundation, there is also one called ‘Perfect Fit’. Shade is 07, their darkest available. Let me just say right off the bat that I like the powder foundation much more than the liquid.

no poking at the back, inserts and lifts out easily

I have two sponges because the powder is sold alone as a refill (sponge given) and you’ll need to buy the compact (sponge also included) to put it in separately. This is often the case (haha!) when you buy pressed powder type of products from Japanese brands. This compact is just under 10 euros. It’s quite cute, with the snap closure in the form of a brown ribbon and brown trimming along the borders. The rest is pale, ballerina pink. I quite like it actually, even if I do avoid girly stuff.

9g of product – this is less than the amount you get with a similar product from Chanel or Dior (13g), Lunasol has 10.5g.

As you would expect the powder gives more coverage. It gives this soft-focus look on the skin, sort of like blurring the imperfections and really does a good job smoothing it out without looking thick, cakey or fake. Very subtle. There are very fine illuminating/shimmering particles mixed in the powder but are not discernible at all once on the skin. Fragrance free.

The Wear
Like the liquid version this promises 10 hour of wear with no oxidation. I find that the shade does stay true, and it is better at keeping the oilies at bay than the liquid one. I’m happy with the wear I get with this foundation, it certainly lasts up to 10 hours with the weather we are having now, in between seasons. I do get a sheen halfway through the day but I just blot and have never felt the need for touchups. You may have to reapply if it’s hot and humid though.

A note on application
Sofina recommends that you apply the powder in a circular motion beginning with your cheeks, starting from the center and slowly veer out. Take a small amount and do the same on the forehead. Then apply a small amount to the eyes and mouth area as you normally would, and lastly the nose.
Finally, use the widest side of the sponge and gently press it all over the face.

I have never applied a pressed powder in a circular motion before and I can’t say that I like this method. I just do it my way and usually apply after my moisturiser with the sponge provided. I have tried it with the Shiseido foundation brush (drugstore version) but didn’t see enough of a difference in the finish to continue so.

Summing it up
This is a great powder foundation, I really like it and am impressed with the quality. The powder is finely milled. I compared it with my old Lunasol powder foundation and I can’t tell the difference in terms of texture on the back of my hand. That says alot to me.

[Sidetracking and feel free to skip this paragraph: Lunasol as you may know, is renowned for their base makeup, especially their range of foundation in Asia. I’m really a powder foundation kind of girl, due to its convenience and portability. I tried Lunasol’s version a few years ago and was completely blown away. I never saw a pressed powder foundation as finely milled and as natural looking on the skin as theirs. That was years ago and I’m sure they constantly improve their formula so who knows, maybe they’re even better now. Anyway enough rambling, back to Sofina.]

I don’t feel the urge to use a primer when using this powder (which wasn’t the case with the liquid), it works and looks great on its own and delivers on all its claims. The ‘Long Keep’ is probably meant for summer but I will take it into the cooler months and see what happens. It has moisturising elements in the formula but I would hesitate recommending this to drier skinned ladies. It’s a powder after all and perhaps you would be more comfortable wearing a more creamy foundation.

If I remember correctly the price for this (refill only) is more or less the same as the liquid foundation. This is one of the best powder foundations I’ve used. Do give this a try!

For those who are looking to buy this online and you don’t have a Sofina counter nearby:
FYI my face is still lighter than my body. If I’m matching to my body, 07 is far too pale. Actually 07 is really light for a ‘dark’ shade. It’s been a while since I got matched at MAC but I would hazard a guess that 07 is around the range of NC35 or 40? I really don’t know for sure. But I know I can go even darker if they have one available. If this helps anyone, I just bought Bourjois healthy mix serum in 56 (I wore 53 before summer*) which is a pretty good match for me now. The 07 is slightly lighter than 56, see pictures below, especially the second one.

Also take a look at the Sofina Primavista website. Ochre 05 (shade in the middle) is the standard natural shade that would suit most people. I was matched this before I requested a darker shade. In theory then, 05 should match people who wear Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B30 (sable), Bourjois healthy mix serum 53. I also wore EL Double Wear light in 1.0 but their colour selection is really dismal (worse than Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua) so take that with a grain of salt.

* before you think I jumped 3 shades, there is no shade 54 in the healthy mix serum. 55 follows 53.

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