August Favourites

Can’t believe it’s the last day of August! The month just flew by didn’t it?
If I consolidate this and the favourites post from July, give or take I may just have a list of my summer favourites.

MAC Sheertone blush in Gingerly
This blush really grew on me this summer. It is just beautiful on tanned skin. Don’t get me wrong, it looked good on me when I was paler too, but perhaps it leaned a little more tawny. A lovely terracotta colour in the pan it goes on very natural looking, with a hint of rose.
Just as I found Chanel’s Fleur de Lotus works best on lighter ladies, I would say people with med-darker skintones would get the most out of Gingerly. I certainly reach for it more now than before.

PRADA Infusion de fleur d’oranger (eau de parfum)
Refreshing scent perfect for the hot weather. It’s a soft almost powdery orange flower scent with a tinge of soapiness. Smells really fresh and clean upon the first spritz, like sunshine in a bottle. It really lifts my mood and I feel like I’m ready to take on the day. As it wears on it becomes a skin scent on me and I no longer notice that it’s there. I was hoping it would last longer to be honest, but my skin does seem to eat up perfume and not many last exceedingly long on me. The bottle screams summer!

[Apparently this was a limited release from Prada back in 2009 but I managed to get this on the internet recently still. So it’s not hard to find.]

Astalift eye cream

There will be a separate post on the Astalift products I bought. For now I’m really enjoying this, it does seem to improve the appearance of fine lines. I’ve been using this for 1 month so far. Most details to come.

KOJI Dollywink Volume mascara

Surprisingly good mascara I picked up on a whim in Hong Kong. Really does give volume and not the fake clumpy kind. The brush is finer at the tip so you can use it for hard to reach areas, the lower lashes or to emphasize just the very tips of the lashes. This mascara holds the curl really well. It’s waterproof but I haven’t tested that claim. I’m not sure if they make one in a regular formula though.
I really like the polka dots, it makes a girly packaging but it’s nicely done. As an aside I don’t like the Maybelline oblong, bullet type packaging no matter how colourful they are. I really have trouble wielding those short cone shaped handles properly.
Anyway the Dollywink is also available in a lengthening version which has a pink tube and purple handle. I’d be curious to see how that works. This is a very reasonable 12 euros, which is around the same price as most drugstore mascaras here in France. 

Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow
I could apply this much more liberally than before I was tanned just to give a little ‘oomph’ to the skin. Makes me look glowy while adding definition to the face. I use a kabuki with this, just mixing all the colours together. Curious to see what happens to the letters afterwards.


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