August Empties

Quite a number of products this month! Woohoo~
Sad but empties are an accomplishment for me.

Chanel Gentle Biphase Eye makeup Remover (100ml)
Do I really need to turn to Chanel for an eye makeup remover? Probably not. But did I like this? Yes, a lot. It was my second (third?) bottle and is hands down my favourite eye makeup remover.
It takes off stubborn waterproof eyeliners (like NARS’ and Armani’s) and mascaras easily when others struggled. I’ve tried a few: No luck with drugstore ones, they were in general quite bad; didn’t like the oilines of the Bi-Facil; Shiseido’s The Makeup one is actually decent but is slightly on the oily side for me. For a while I relied on a no-frills but very gentle waterbased remover from the Japanese brand Kosé that I used maybe 4 bottles of.

To be fair the products I tried in the past worked ok until makeup companies started putting out new eye makeup formulas that are more resistant and long-wearing. I don’t wear eyeshadows everyday but I do put on a nice deep black liner and with my oily lids the longer wearing the better. This is where the Chanel shines and it’s always been a cinch for me to remove all traces of liner and waterproof mascara with this. I soak a cotton pad, place it over my eye with gentle pressure usually for around 10-20 seconds. A last swipe in the lashes if I see any traces and under my eyes. That’s it.

As an aside, Bioderma (and other micellaire lotions I’ve tried) is great on all sorts of shadows but really stumble with liners, especially a tightly-lined eye. Maybe others have better luck with it. I love it for removing foundation and everything else on the face though.

Repurchase? Yes.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (100ml)

This was their anniversary edition and came with a gold heart shaped sticker that I mentioned in the June favourites post. I took the sticker off when the edges started to peel when it got in contact with my hands during application. Sturdy glass bottle, spray nozzle. Nuxe also makes this with bronze shimmer in it, like a body glow type of product. This is the straight oil.
I’ve been using it almost daily throughout this summer while on vacation and really enjoyed it. I only use it on the body and always right after shower. I used around 25 sprays each application for all over (sounds like a lot). I didn’t mix it in my body moisturiser (only just found out about this method!) but then it would have been too much given the extremely hot and at times humid weather at the places where I was. My feet are always drier and I used a separate moisturiser for them.
The oil absorbs super fast with no greasiness after. Your body will glow with a nice sheen under the sun, especially if you have a tan going. Shoulders and decolletage look especially amazing. I think the product works best in summer, but the tropical scent really puts you in a holiday, relaxing mood any time of the year. They have bottled this scent and are selling it as a perfume now actually.
As for the moisturising properties, it really depends on your skin and the weather condition. My skin isn’t particularly dry (body) and I found it excellent in hot and more humid Asia, it also worked well when I was in Morocco under extreme heat. I have an inkling though that I’ll need more when winter is here in Europe. Summer or winter regardless, I know it wouldn’t be moisturising enough on its own if you have drier skin.
Can’t comment on how it works on the face given my sensitivity, but I did run it through wet hair and let it dry naturally. Mentally I feel like I’m lightly nourishing it but honestly I haven’t been doing it enough to give more concrete feedback.
My first dry-oil, all in all positive experience and it got me interested in trying out other body oils. I have noticed other French companies have rolled out their own version of this just before summer so perhaps I’ll go and have a look at those.
Also I have read people who prefer a spray nozzle but personally I think I would like it more if it was poured. I imagine that it would allow me to properly warm the product easier.
Repurchase? Yes, but not in a hurry. 
Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion (227g)

I think I have mentioned before, I really like Aveeno. Their products just agree with me. We don’t get the whole range here and even that it’s not sold everywhere. But when I do see it I grab a tube or a pump bottle. I find their moisturisers really soothing and relieves dryness. I mostly use it on my legs after the shower and before bed. Not sure about the 24 hr claim but it’s not a criteria I care about. I wish I could buy it at US prices though. Actually I wish I could buy everything at US prices. Except French pharmacy stuff, haha.

Repurchase? Yes.

Nivea Invisible Protection Transparent Spray SPF30

Spray nozzle, a clear watery formula that sinks in quickly. I didn’t have to rub at it much for it to absorb and as a result I tend to apply more than I normally would (lots of overlapping) which I consider a good thing cos I never apply enough for a sunscreen to work as it should. I did tan with this but I didn’t burn. (Sorry I’m not going to go into all the hazy SPF/US vs Europe regulations/how sunscreens work/chemical vs physical filters etc etc etc discourse. But I do recommend you do a search on it if you have concerns). Has that typical sunscreen smells that makes you think of the beach. I quite like this.

Repurchase? Yes (when I’ve finished the L’oreal spray I bought as a replacement.)
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Soothing Proctective Skincare (40ml)
Toleriane is La Roche-Posay’s fragrance, preservative and paraben free skincare range for sensitive skin. More information on this range in the leaflet included: no alcohol, lanolin; using 100% thermal water of La Roche-Posay, formulated with a minimum of components to limit intolerance. 

This is one of their moisturisers (out of three, varying in textures). It’s a white cream, texture probably between a cream and a lotion. Very light and spreads easily. As mentioned there’s no scent. It’s a very basic, gentle no-frills moisturiser. No anti-aging benefits, antioxidants etc etc. My dermatologist recommended this to me as I had some allergic reactions of sorts on the face. It’s not a very exciting product (or to write about) but it does the job well enough. I don’t know how it will perform in the winter months though but for now it’s more than adequate. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry at all.
The range is worth looking into if you have sensitive skin. I’ve only been able to find this in 40ml tubes and you will likely go through one tube a month with twice daily use. But if La Roche-Posay isn’t too pricey where you are, why not? (10.90 euros here in France)
Repurchase? Yes, as per doctor’s orders.
Bioderma Créaline Déo Anti-transpirant (50ml)
Roll-on anti-perspirant for sensitive skin from Bioderma. Hypoallergenic, no alcohol. 
This is a solid product that works well and delivers its claims. Can’t confirm the 24h part but I’m generally happy with this one. This was already featured in the June Empties. Finally used up all my stock!
Repurchase? No, I’m on the lookout for aluminum free products. Trying the one from Nuxe at the moment.
Physiogel Intensive Cream (50ml)
Another hypoallergenic product from the doctor. This and the La Roche-Posay sort of overlap don’t they? Well this cream I was told to use on my hands (allergic reaction found as well) but is intended for the face. No colourants, perfume or preservatives. It is recommended for dry to very dry, irritated and sensitive skin. As a hand cream … well I like mine to be rich and emollient and this is not. I tend to reapply more frequently when using this. So perhaps those looking for a lighter formula will like it. I do think it will work well on the face … oooh perhaps during the winter if the Toleriane isn’t enough. I still have a bunch of unopened hand creams I have to go through somehow before being able to use this exclusively (if the doc says so). 

Repurchase? see entry for Toleriane above. I have other hand creams I prefer but they are not as friendly to sensitive skin.
Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser (250ml)

This was my face cleanser for a long time but with my recent visit to the derm it is now my … hand wash. It’s a gel cleanser for sensitive skin, non comedogenic and soap free:
“… soothes and softens without drying the skin, while maintaining its natural pH balance. It is a non-greasy formula that does not contain animal fats, providing a gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. … A low-foam formula that cleanses thoroughly with or without water. For use on face and body.”
If you do use it without rinsing, you tissue off the excess.
It doesn’t say on the bottle but I believe you’re meant to apply it on dry skin and then massage the product in. It’s a very gentle cleanser, it says low-foam but I’ve never seen any foam at all. However it’s difficult for me to say how well it cleanses as I always clean my face with Bioderma first, even if I’m not wearing foundation.
I will say that it’s not a cleanser that leaves your face feeling squeaky clean and some people like that in a cleanser. On the flip side it also means your skin isn’t stripped of its natural oils either. There is this fleeting feeling of having a ‘protective film’ on top of your skin immediately after.

As a handwash, it’s alright as long as your paws aren’t dirty/stained. If you have foundation on the back of your hand or mascara/eyeliner stains on the tips of your fingers from a quick clean-up, it’s not going to take them out. To be fair though it never says it can double as a makeup remover.

This cleanser is not paraben free. I’m now using La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane cleanser which is. Both cleansers have very similar textures.

RepurchaseI still have a 150ml bottle of this to go through but I won’t be buying again after it’s gone. Given the similarities, for my face I prefer the Toleriane without parabens. And even though the doctor recommended this for my hands, I can’t see how I can avoid using other products to clean them unless I bring my own little decant bottle wherever I go. 


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