ck one cosmetics

the side-shave is everywhere
I first saw this line a couple of months ago at Marionnaud when I had a gift card to use. I don’t usually shop there, Sephora is, well more modern and it has more brands. As it turns out Marionnaud is the exclusive distributor of ck one in France. I became curious about this line – I remember Calvin Klein’s first makeup range yonks ago, it was one of the first fashion houses to venture into cosmetics.

I think I bought a cream blusher (that I loved), and maybe a lipstick as well. The packaging then differs a lot from what I saw on the shelves today. Unfortunately I no longer have those old CK products but if memory serves well they came in clear plastic trays not unlike those from shu uemura. The blusher was in a square pan. It had ‘Calvin Klein’ printed on it and not ‘ck’. The lipsticks were silver bullets. It was the time of the truth and contradiction perfume IIRC. Colours were subdued, nothing bright or crazy and seemed to be marketed at the professional woman. It’s minimal and classy, like the main fashion line.

The repackaged new range is called ‘ck one’, and I was there when the perfume launched back in the 90s, saw the now cult status  print ads with Kate Moss and Jenny Shimitsu and all as I was flipping through the magazines. The new ad campaign try to capture that same spirit, rebellious, young, diverse, for everyone kind of vibe. For those who were there the first time round, this makes me feel old in fact. But that’s irrelevant. The new packaging is well, ‘younger’. Rubber/silicone coated casings in black and white. Eye shadows are bright, vibrant and shimmery.
I haven’t bought anything from this relaunch yet but I did tried a couple of items. I think the standout is definitely their lipsticks. Very creamy and intense colour payoff.
The lady working there felt it was important to show me their mascara – there’s a mechanism you can turn on the lid (like a screw top) and when you turn it, it ‘bunches’ up the brush end so that instead of the long, lengthening and defining brush before, now you have one that gives you volume. In other words 2 brushes/effects in 1. I thought it was quite cool, never seen anything like that before. This was 21 euros and I only remember because the lady pointed the price out to me, saying it’s a nice mid-range cosmetics line where usually they cost 32 euros. [I don’t know where she buys her mascaras but AFAIK only Armani is 32 in France. The new Lancome Hypnose star mascara for example is 28.20 euros, Chanel is just under 30 and YSL faux cils is cheaper than Lancome’s. although by Terry’s is 34, haha]
I also liked their brow crayon and brow gel in one (products on either end of the pen). I’ve been looking for a product like that but companies usually put a brow spool on the other end instead of a setting gel. I swatched the one on the display quickly, it was a little waxy and I didn’t get much colour at first. But the effect was quite natural. Warming it up first at the back of the hand would help a lot.
I didn’t swatch the eye shadows due to limited time (my man was with me unfortunately and the shop was reeking of all the perfumes people are testing every 3 minutes) but what I saw were mostly bright colourful shimmery ones, some with bigger chunks of glitter than I’m used to. There was one quad of browns and taupes but oddly it didn’t interest me. From what I saw on the display in that particular shop the eyeshadows are more … youth orientated, shall I say.
The range is actually quite complete, with foundations, concealors, makeup bases, liners and so on. I haven’t tried/tested enough to make my mind up on the range but it does look promising. Hope to see more reviews, especially on their lipsticks!

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