Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics #8


The YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadows come in quads, you get 3g of product in 4 shades that can be used wet or dry. Using an eyeshadow wet is not new, the difference with these apparently is that a high concentration of water has been incorporated into the formula and pigments, and their real intensity and colours come through upon rehydration. So I guess it’s like they were made wet and were then dried in the palette. Anyway!

I got this in #8.
It looks like a Fall colour. I was going to get #9 (charcoal blue and taupes I believe), but when we did a look at the counter, it just wasn’t very flattering. It could be that I’m not used to the application and placement, but I do agree that #8 is more suitable and workable. It’s more lively really. You have a good highlight on the top right (pearl ivory), a nice base/highlight on top left (champagne beige) and your two pop of colours below (copper bronze and grey olive). It is a warm-toned quad. Colours shown in the picture is accurate.

It is housed in a gold mirror reflect case. There is no way to keep fingerprints from appearing on it. In it you also get 2 kinds of applicators, a standard foam type and a flexible, silicone (?) one. A closer look:

So you can do a big wash of colour wet with the paddle end and a fine line with the other.

Here are the swatches in different light. Colours were applied dry, then wet:

For these photos I applied the them dry with the Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush and wet with the included flexible applicator. As you can see, these work much, much better when wet.
I’m afraid these swatches don’t really do the colours justice. They apply much more beautifully on the eyes where it’s more three-dimensional and really does look amazing when the light hits on it.

Dry: They go on quite sheer, especially the two lightest shades. I had particular trouble with the pearl highlight colour. I also tried using my shu uemura 10 sable brush, but it was more or less the same. Fingers actually work quite well when dry – you get more colour and intensity. Don’t throw the foam applicators away as I have a feeling they will actually work well with them. I haven’t tried yet.

Wet: I suspect this is their intended and preferred application method. The shades come to life and has a beautiful metallic sheen, like satin.

Application: This is a little tricky … Personally this was and still is a huge learning curve for me. I don’t apply my shadows wet except to line so it’s all relatively new to me. At first the colours just didn’t show and even wet it didn’t go on smoothly enough. I was going to give up and call this product a disappointment but I was stubborn enough swatch again and again and tried them on my eyes a number of times and they just started signing. I don’t know if you have to ‘wear it in’ first or if I got an oddball but do keep this in mind if you find yourself in the same situation.

I’m only going to write about wet application cos this is my preferred method with this product despite my ineptitude with the technique.

I was determined to find a brush for this and the best one that worked for me is the Sephora smudger and eyeliner double ended brush. [I had thought maybe I should go synthetic so I grabbed the BB cream shadow but it was terrible.] So I take my Avene spray (out of convenience really but I imagine you can use eye drops or whatever as well) and spray the brush / sprayed into my palm and dip (not much difference really) smudger side in, lightly blot with paper and then go for the colours. I do really load the brush with colour, it seemed to work better. There’s no point trying to go for subtlety anyway when you’re using this wet. The liner side works extremely well too for lining. The copper shade is lovely for this.

Some problems I have encountered: If you’re slow like me and didn’t plan out what you wanted to do in advance, your brush will get more (too) saturated with water as you go along and this may affect how well the colour goes on. You might get streaks/pilling for example. Not a good look.
The shadows dry relatively fast but if they’re particularly wet (due to your brush or whatever) I’ve had one instance where it creased while I was deliberating where to add the next colour.
As for blending when wet, I have no tips on that as I’m still learning to perfect it. Maybe you can share!

I guess the bottom line is to work quickly. Common sense, I know!
Overall: Skip if you don’t like or can’t tolerate shimmer. The colours are all very shimmery with the two darker colours having tiny silver sparkles as well. The shades are easily dupable but you do have them all in one place, and they do work really well together.
I can imagine this being a good day to evening eye product, used dry during the day and wet for the night. And it is excellent for a night out when used full force.
Personally I’m still on the fence about this one. For now, it’s not the easiest product for me to use nor the most efficient. A whole new technique to get used to and it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks haha. Maybe it’s just #8, but the colours just don’t wow me at all when used dry and it’s very pricey for something that’s only delivering half of what it’s promises. As mentioned, I’m still learning with this product and before I’m confident enough to do a look without mishap I know I will be inclined to reach for something easier to work with that delivers the same high impact results. I hope I’ll get there soon.
Question for self: Would I be happier with one GA EtK shadow instead? ……..

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