July Favourites

SANA Super Quick Gel Pencilliner EX in Real Black (approx 9 euros)

This was a real find.

I picked this up in Hong Kong and the thing that caught my eye was it being a gel liner in pencil form (or so I think, I don’t read Japanese). Also says to be waterproof and long-lasting, which seems to be the requisite for most of the Japanese eye makeup product on the market (or the drug store ones). 
For a cheap black eyeliner, I’m extremely pleased and impressed with it. First, it’s thin – at 2mm lining the waterline has never been easier. It is also soft enough that it doesn’t tug on the skin. Second it’s a nice black, intense and buildable (see swatch below). I tend to reach for pencil liners when I’m in a hurry to go out, and this little baby makes it that much quicker for me to get ready. I’ve been using it almost daily since I got it. It has replaced my brush and gel liner in my makeup bag during my travel. I don’t need to sharpen it, you just twist it up as you go (you can’t twist it down however so be careful you don’t have too much of a nib up). It’s just really efficient.


Armani left, 2mm SANA right

The liner is very long-lasting and doesn’t smear worn under your average condition. I always use my Bobbi Brown cream shadow as an eye shadow base under, and have found only minimal smearing on the hottest days in Hong Kong, where the air is also humid. I’ve also tried this in hot desert weather recently, up to 50C (!), and again, minimal smearing at the end of the day, nothing close to raccoon eyes. It does lives up to its claim of being long-lasting. Also when I did the eyeliners swatch this and the other Japanese eyeliner was the hardest to take off. This liner simply refused to budge and I had to really go at it. I was only using Bioderma’s Crealine so it’s not a remover especially for waterproof makeup. Speaking of which, on the question of waterproof, it will be fine if you take a few dips in the pool. You know, nothing violent like big splashes or waves hitting your face every 10 seconds. Like at a waterpark, where I also tested it and sadly it didn’t survive – it smeared a fair bit.

In spite of that, I still like this liner a lot. It’s a real gem of a find. The best thing about this is it’s dirt cheap – for 9 euros it is a bargain. I’ve got myself a backup.
The swatches:
1. SANA gel pencilliner
2. Giorgio Armani silk eye pencil waterproof #1
3. NARS Larger than Life in Via Veneto
4. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Black Diamond
I made 2 strokes to get the SANA to match the intensity of the rest, which were applied only once. The GA is the most buttery, it just glided on. The Clinique I threw in for fun. I would say the GA and NARS are the most pigmented.

Chanel Joues Contraste in Fleur de Lotus (#69)

Originally released as an Asia exclusive (which looks to be permanent over there as they had it mounted into their displays and I had no trouble picking one up just recently) I have read that it is now also available outside of the continent on a limited edition basis (?) As usual the Chanel rosy scent is on it, for some reason it seems to really lingers a bit after application, whereas before they tend to just disappear. 

Fleur de Lotus is a beautiful peachy pink warmed with a fine golden sheen.
I did not intend to pick up another blush, I have enough to last my lifetime as it is. I have seen pictures of #69 from bloggers based in Asia when it was released but wasn’t tempted at all. I wrote it off as yes, another pinky peach that I don’t need. ‘It’s just like Deep Throat or my MAC Wonder Woman Aphrodite’ I thought. 
But no. 

Fleur de Lotus is beautiful and perfectly suits my skintone to a ‘T’. That it is actually a peachy pink made me buy it, as pinks usually do not suit me and they never appear natural enough on me. #69 in this sense achieved the near-impossible. The gold sheen is very subtle, nothing shimmery (NARS and MAC) It just looks very … classy on. For me it’s an instant mood booster. 
* I have tanned maybe 1-2 shades before I gotten round to writing this post. I was afraid it wouldn’t show but the blush still looks good on. Although I do believe it would suit slightly paler ladies better, where it would look incredible on. 

RMK Blush Brush

Bought to replace my trusty shu uemura pony which I’ve had for around 15 years (!) and has finally started to shed a little. The hair on the RMK is grey squirrel. They also have a similar one labelled ‘S’, which is a blend of grey squirrel and goat. I tested both on the cheek and preferred this. On the website it says the S is: 

A cheek brush specially designed for use with Sheer Powder Cheeks. This brush gives gradation to the colour applied and creates a natural blending into your complexion.

Anyway I got the RMK because it’s shorter (compared to shu) making traveling with it easier. The hair is very soft, but it also has a bit of give so you can do a pop of colour if you want. Picks up more pigment than the shu. It was either repurchasing the same shu uemura brush or trying something new. 



Lunasol Cheek brush S

For blushes and bronzers on the go. This goes in the daily makeup bag as one of the essentials now. I was buying cheap, small brushes before so that I wouldn’t cry on the chance that the hair get caught in the makeup bag zipper. But those brushes shed like there’s no tomorrow and I always had to spend extra time to pick the shed hair off my cheeks. Thank goodness that’s all over now!
This is mix of grey squirrel and goat.


And that’s all for July favourites!

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