Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Haul

Eyes to Kill Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil

From Fall 2012, the LE waterproof eyeliners in black and brown. These I have been waiting for a long time, having heard about how good they are from previous releases. I held back until GA finally come out with black, then decided to pick brown up as well (for a change). The texture is one of, if not the creamiest eye pencil I’ve ever used, it just glides. Pigment is amazing, as you would expect a brand like GA (see comparison swatch here).As for performance, I had a chance to test it out the other day when I went to the beach and am happy to report it lives up to expectations – it stayed put the whole day, though sweat and water. I’m very impressed with this and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new black eyeliner – get it while you still can!

Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara

Top to bottom: EtK regular, EtK waterproof, Etk Excess
I’m a big fan of the regular EtK mascara and this Fall GA released black in their waterproof formula. I’ve only been able to find this in brown before and thus never purchased. For some reason the brush seems to pick up less product than my non-waterproof version, but every lash is well defined. Less volume than the regular version but lengthening is impressive as with the regular one. I think I’ll stick with the regular version, although the brushed metal tube does look rather cool.
I also noticed, more so than with my regular tube that the brush varies in thickness:

Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow in #20 Obsidian Black & #24 Smoky Copper

I have never tried EtK shadows prior to this summer’s release of the 4 new pearl blend shades. I picked up #20 from that and since then have added my second one from the Fall release #24.
This isn’t really part of my big haul but I thought I’d do a review on it at the same time.
Despite its name #20 is more a dark teal than black. It reminds me of NARS Thunderball:

One of my favourite ways of wearing it is placing the mauve eyelid colour from Wet n Wild Silent Treatment on it as a highlight:

#20 as base with the mauve on the left


Smoky Copper is part of the Fall release. It and Rusted Gold (#25) look very similar in the pot. Having swatched both at the shop I found that #25 is a darker taupe and also a lot more sparkly – too much to my liking and I knew would prohibit me from using it more often.

Swatches, applied heavily:

Additional swatches, sheered out:

Here you can see the tinge of blue more clearly when sheered out on #20 (closest)

Overall I really like these Eyes to Kill shadows and will keep an eye out for new shades when they come out. I have applied with fingers and also with a brush (MAC 219, I find this easiest for me to deposit colour and build up intensity) These have also been compared to Chanel’s Illusion d’ombre but they are two completely different beasts. Application is similar, fingers or a brush (the little brush that comes with the pots work really well and I almost exclusively use that) and you can also build the intensity by concentrating on an area and patting it on. However I have noticed lately that my pot of Mirifique (bought when first released) is a little clumpy. I’m hoping this is simply because I’ve been dipping the brush into it and making ‘holes’ on the otherwise smooth surface and not because it’s starting to dry up. I’ve patted and smoothed it out now but I guess time will tell.


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