June Empties

Only three products used up in June … none in makeup (no surprises there!)
L’Occitane Honey Hand Cream (30ml)
I first saw the small L’Occitane handcreams in airports. They’re so cute! And so handy! But they were all packed in sets of 5 when all I wanted was one, so I passed. This was purchased when I was in NYC (I knew it was stupid to buy it there when I could’ve bought it in France) when my hands were really dry and I didn’t have a portable hand cream on me and I walked past their boutique and I thought about the cute little creams. And they sold them individually. I chose honey because I’ve liked their honey line (which I heard was/is being discontinued??) and it was either this or the classic shea butter one since I don’t like their florals and have no interest in smelling like chocolate. Had they have an almond one I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Anyway this size is perfect when you’re on the go, but the formula isn’t enough for me. I have to reapply or put on a lot to soothe my hands. Remember though, I have rough hands … perhaps the shea butter one would have been a better choice (like I knew in my heart) but I’m not very fond of the scent. This one smells of honey, as expected. Ingredients include: water, shea butter, glycerin, dimethicone, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, honey extract, coconut oil, rapeseed, rosemary leaf extract, sunflower seed oil etc etc.

Repurchase? Nope.

Oh this actually came with a small pot (8ml) of honey shea butter. And I’m rather enjoying that one. I’ve used it on my lips and it works as a non-shiny lip balm and also on random dry patches on my hands and the skin around my nails. Same honey scent. It’d be interesting to see if they sell this separately. The size is perfect for the handbag or travelling.

Mixa Intensif Peaux Séches Créme Mains Réparatrice – Mains Abimées (100ml)
What a long name! In English it’s close to ‘intensive repairing hand cream for damaged hands’. This one I bought at my local Monoprix and it’s just under 4 euros.
I really like this handcream. It has a very nice smell, sort of like Ponds? The cream itself is a light rose colour and my hands like it. It makes of point of being formulated under medical control and is allantoin based (9th ingredient on the list). Mixa makes a lot of skincare stuff, and just last week I saw their collection of sunscreen. I had this in the bag I bring to work and put this on at the end of the day, sometimes in between work when my hands are feeling really dry. It’s cheap and moisturising.

Repurchase? Yes.

Bioderma Créaline Déo (50ml)
Créaline is Bioderma’s range for sensitive skin. This was bought in a pack of 2 at (where else) Citypharma. What can I say, it’s a scentless anti-transpirant. No white traces as promised, no irritations either. It delivers what it promises I suppose. I don’t know how much I really sweat without using a product like this so I can’t really say. My favourite anti-transpirant before this was one from Vichy… and I remember I really liked the one from fresh but was a bit too costly. I will probably try something else after this, not because it doesn’t work but because this kind of product isn’t that exciting to begin with…. It has aluminum chlorohydrate.

Repurchase? Don’t think so.


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