Dermophil Indien

So I was looking through the stash drawer to see what I can bring with me for my upcoming trip and found my guy’s dermophil indien hand balm. I mentioned this when I was writing about one of their handcreams I tried that’s available in supermarkets. This is a 30ml tube and you can only buy them in pharmacies. Here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of the size:

The second photo is with a pot of Kiehl’s lip balm, and the only bottle cap I have is that one, it doesn’t really belong on a blog like this so I do apologise. Although I must say the colours go rather nicely together 😉 It’s really not that much bigger than a small, say 50ml, tube of handcream.
This is for hands and my guy – someone who hates slapping on cream anywhere unless absolutely necessary, swears by this especially during winter when his hands are prone to cracking from the cold and dryness. A few days of use at night and he’s all happy.
Now I’ve tried the balm before and it does work extremely well to soften and repair dry skin and patches, especially the skin around the nails (I mean more the skin on both sides of the nails rather than the cuticles). Instead of applying directly from the stick I usually take some onto my fingers and massage it in. It has an ointment kind of texture and is not thick or greasy. It is mildly perfumed but it’s a nice powdery floral smell and I quite like it actually.
On the tube it claims to be effective against cracked or chapped skin and domestic burns.
Salol 1g, Baume du Perou 0.5g, Alpha Bisabolo naturel 0.2g
[phenyl salicylate, balm of Peru, Natural alpha-Bisabolol – all work as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients]
Inactive ingredients: Vaseline, Paraffine solide, alcool, huile essentielle de geranium, qsp. 100g
[vaseline, solid paraffin, alcohol and geranium essential oil]

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