Here’s my small red lipstick collection:

1. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in RD325
2. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge #132 (Kate Winslet Golden Hat LE)
3. Guerlain Rouge G Garconne #25

4. YSL Rouge Pur #143 Rouge Enflammé
5. YSL Rouge Pur #131 Opium Red
6. Ellis Faas Creamy Lips 101 (light application)
7. Ellis Faas Milky Lips 202 (light application)
8. YSL Vernis a Lèvres #9 Rouge Lacqué

Corresponding swatches:

I tried swatching on lips but as always my camera enhances the red a lot and I just couldn’t get them to show up realistically enough (cool toned showed up warm and they all basically just looked the same). But the first picture is gives a pretty good idea of what they look like.Colour : From the swatch the Ellis Faas (6&7 in photo) are more neutral. The Lancome and #143 (2&4 in photo) are quite similar and definitely blue toned. Guerlain (3 in photo) is also blue-toned but it’s a very saturated red. #131 and #9 (5&8) leans orange. While I can wear anything with Ellis Faas (casual or dressed up), I can’t pull it off with #131, which is a retro kind of red that on me, demands that I put some effort on what I wear. #143 actually suits my skin tone better … but silly as it may sound I couldn’t say no to a lipstick that’s called Opium Red. The Shiseido leans cool and slightly rosey. It’s not the best-looking red on me.

Scent : Every lipstick is scented except the Ellis Faas and Shiseido.
Texture : All very creamy but Lancome and Guerlain stand out as the most moisturising and rich. Especially the Rouge G. The only matte colour here is the Shiseido, which actually isn’t that drying for a matte lipstick.
Overall : My favourite/HG red is the Ellis Faas 101. I like it so much I can overlook the sponge and twist-click applicator, which can be a real pain sometimes. I like that I can build the intensity and it stains the lips (but not as much as the YSL glossy lips/vernis a lèvres). It’s the perfect red on me. This is the fail-proof red. I can wear it in winter when I’m paler and also in summer. You know that red lips always draw attention, but sometimes you’re never quite sure if it’s for the right reason. When I wear 101 I feel that it is. I look more polished and put together. I just wish it comes in a more conventional packaging. It looks sleek but I don’t know how much product is left and I suspect there will be a lot of wastage.
I reach for the vernis a lèvres when I need long-lasting and shine. The others rotate base on mood 🙂
I wish the Rouge G isn’t so heavy…
edit to add: I have yellow-based skintone and wear Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B30.

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