I have mentioned before that due to my job I wash my hands a lot. I use a lot of hand creams and prefer those that are more emollient. Although not really a hand cream (more for the body), Dexeryl is one of the creams I tried and like.

I first got it through a doctor’s prescription – I suffered from a severe sunburn at the time and the doctor prescribed it to me as part of the healing process. It is promoted as a medication but I don’t think you need a prescription to buy it. I saw a tube of Dexeryl sitting behind the counter at the triage in a hospital, I’ve also seen a fellow chef use it at his place of work (he’s a guy and he applied more liberally than I do!) and spied it next to the sink at someone else’s home. I didn’t realise how popular it is but I guess they must be doing something right.
Dexeryl is manufactured by Pierre Fabre, the same company behind Avene, A-Derma, Klorane, Ducray and so on. 
On the tube it says it is effective in treating certain dermatitis like atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis and psoriasis. Also superficial burns of a lesser degree. I can’t comment on the other claims but I remember it helped keep my skin moisturised and supple during the whole peeling stage. I was peeling everywhere and I would just slather this on twice a day.
Below you can see the ingredients:
I bought this tube after I finished my first one and I keep it at home since it’s quite big to lug around in my bag. I’ve had it a while too and use it mostly as a hand cream but at times as a body lotion. It is scentless and the texture is quite light actually. However my skin feels nicely moisturised after and there is no sticky residue. It absorbs quickly and forms a kind of protective barrier on the skin. It’s just a tad boring as a cream so I never thought about writing about it. Can’t remember how much I paid for it either but it’s not expensive at all. 
Highly recommended for someone looking for a scentless, no-frills hand/body moisturiser for drier skin types. 

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