Daily Routine

1. Chanel Purete Mat Shine Control Powder
2. Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Saddle (61)
3. Bobbi Brown long-wear cream shadow in Shore (35)
4. Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink (1)
5. SANA light yellow undereye concealor
6. Make Up Forever Brow seal
7. Maybelline Colossal waterproof mascara
This is the same ‘look’ I do everyday. The bare minimum to appear presentable and more awake, out the door in 5 minutes, that kind of thing. I used to only do my brows and brighten the undereye area … now I make more of an effort. Still I doubt I will apply eyeshadows anytime soon.
The brow seal (#6) is a relatively new thing I bought and I found that it really does help the brow powder (eye shadow, really) stays longer. #3 and #5 help me look more awake, and I find with the cream shadow as a base the eyeliner stays a little better as well.
I like the mascara, I just wish the brush is better. I prefer a more slender brush and the shape of the lid is awkward in my hands. I will probably try another after this one. My favourite is still Armani, but wearing that everyday to work is a bit too much. I save that for the weekends.
The only stuff I hit pan on are eye shadows that I use for my brows, since I do them without fail on a daily basis. So everytime I open up #1 it really brings a smile to my face. It’s ancient though … I don’t know if Chanel has a better formula now or has pulled it. At the time there were only 2 shades to choose from and really it’s nothing to write home about. I use it more as a setting powder on the go since it’s the only pressed powder I have.
Gel liners.. I have a few MACS but prefer Bobbi Brown. Recently got Clinque’s cream liner in True Black and that is probably my favourite. The only thing I don’t like is the pot – it’s too narrow and too high. I don’t use the brush it came with but a flat tipped brush (MAC 212) to line and I can’t dip the brush in properly. I end up with too much and uneven amount of product and have to scrape on the edge of the pot. That’s why I use BB’s ink in the mornings because it’s quicker for me. But Clinique has the creamiest formula I’ve tried, the blackest black and as long-lasting as the others.
But the liner is the only thing that could vary from one day to the next. I might reach for a pencil liner instead if I’m really running late.

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