May Empties

It’s been a while! I’ve got no excuses. Here’s to get the ball rolling – empties!

Title says ‘May Empties’ but they’ve been put aside for a couple of months – meant for an empties post. So this is everything I’ve accumulated during my MIA. They are mostly creams, I hardly finish makeup …

Moisturizing Hand Care (75ml)
dermophil (as far as I know) is an old brand best known for their moisturising balm in a stick. It’s like a swivel stick lip balm only 10 times the size, called dermophil indien and you can only buy it at pharmacies because it’s marketed as a kind of medical treatment. The stick is excellent for extremely dry skin, cracks from cold weather and so on. The company has branched out and I’ve noticed quite a few of their products for hands and lips at the supermarket since beginning of the year. They are not sold under the name dermophil indien, just dermophil. I see it as more daily, ‘casual’ use. The hand care cream I tried was purchased from my local monoprix.Promises 24 hour hydration (not on me though), this is mildly fragranced (floral), light and has a fair bit of ‘slip’. I didn’t enjoy the scent but a colleague once commented on it smelling nice. In any case it just wasn’t heavy duty enough for me *

Repurchase? No.

Nivea SOS Hand balm Repair & Care (50ml)
This is smaller and is probably the same size as the Neutrogener Norwegian Formula hand creams. It also promises 24 hydration, smells fruity and sweeter than dermophil. At the risk at sounding difficult, I didn’t like the scent that much either. The formula however, is excellent. It is thick, balm like but spreadable. With Neutrogena Norwegian you really have to work in into your hands. But not this one. It really soothed the dryness and lasted longer. The only real gripe I have – and the deal breaker, is the packaging – that plastic makes getting the product out a real pain towards the end.

Repurchase? Yes, if they change the material the tube comes in (and the scent while they’re at it, haha).

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream (50ml)
So I got this while I was in London, having read rave reviews from people who discovered it on pixiwoo (Nicole’s fave) It’s a good, scentless and non-irritating face cream. I used it during the day only as I had (still have) my regular night cream that I’m trying to finish. I bought a backup of this, because they seemed to be sold out in every Boots I looked, and also I can’t get them in Paris (or I don’t know where to!)

Repurchase? No – but only because I prefer Sam’s choice Embryolisse (review to come soon), which I tried after finishing the Oilatum. And unlike the Oilatum I can get it easily here.

Dr. Hauschka Revital Maske (30ml)
This mask has been a staple for me for so long. I first tried it probably 8 years ago and really liked its soothing and moisturising qualities. I used to buy their salon size! I can’t really comment on how revitalising it is – for that I should use it more regularly and I’ve been extremely lazy… I’ve always used it like a moisturising mask as well so maybe I should try some of Dr. Hauschka’s other facial masks in the future. I like this brand and I also use and like their Rhythmic Night Conditioner ampoules and lip balm (pot).

Repurchase? Yes. I’ve used up many tubes.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (250ml)
Ok I’m cheating here because it’s not really empty yet but I’m so desperate. It will be finished soon, maybe in 1 or 2 weeks so we’ll still be in May anyway! I bought this in February, having never tried it before. Crazy, I know. I’ve tried their face wash, moisturiser, 2 different toners, hand creams, hair care and lip balms but somehow never this star product. So in case someone else is like me and not familiar with this, the creme de corps is a scentless, rich body cream. It absorbs super quickly into the skin so it never feels greasy.

Repurchase? Yes. I already have a 500ml pump bottle ready to go.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (10ml)
This came in a bag of Nuxe samples/travel set, hence the tiny size. The only reason I finished it so quickly was it slipped as I feared in my hands and it spilled everywhere on the floor. This small bottle just has a normal opening that you pour the oil out.
It has a tropical smell, and normally I’m hesitant of oils but I find myself loving this. I was shocked to find out it’s never greasy at all and I smell so nice after application. I have yet to try it in winter but it’s a perfect warm weather body oil. It’s a dry oil that ‘nourishes, repairs and softens’ and you can use it on face, body and hair.

Repurchase? Yes.


Ok I forgot about a makeup product that I finished last week:

inoui id Eye Brightener. Inoui ID was a discontinued Japanese makeup line with Dick Page (now at shiseido) as its Artistic Director. A quick search on google tells me they folded in 2007. I got this just before the line disappeared as a backup. I broke the seal and opened it sometime in 2008 or 2009 I think …  I use the eye brightener under my eyes on dark circles and sometimes also on the lids. So it’s taken me 4 years of daily use to go through the tube. I don’t know how much product was in there but it’s the length of my pinky (without the cap). 4 years… I know I probably should have thrown it out a long time ago but it’s my favourite product.

Repurchase? I can’t.

Next to it are 3 products I bought to replace the inoui. The first is a random drugstore brand called alverde that I picked up in Germany. It’s an organic brand and comes with a doe foot applicator. It has a very nice texture, not too thick or too light, and blends easily.
In the middle we have Maquillage Concealor Liquid. It is actually a brightener because it has micro light reflective shimmer.
The last is a light yellow concealor for dark circles by Japanese drugstore brand SANA.

I haven’t used them enough to comment just yet.


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