Dior Summer 2012 Haul

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Summer’s not quite here yet but summer makeup collections have been out for a while. I’m not usually a Dior girl but their summer collection is really well done. For a look at the entire collection (better pics too) check out Beauty-Boks. I will only talk about my purchases as you can easily find lots of well-written reviews and information on the other products.

1. Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder – Sunlight (002)
2. Dior Addict gloss – Orange Pareo (542)
3. Diorshow Liner Waterproof – Turquoise (258) LE
4. Dior Addict lipstick – Jet Set (544)
5. Dior Vernis – Bikini (231) LEI’ve never bought hauled so much from one single collection before, and rarely at Dior. I lean more towards Chanel usually, unfortunately their summer collection failed to inspire me (apart from the bronzers … more on that later).

Top to bottom:
gloss on lipstick
lipstick only
gloss only

Jet-Set applies as a sheer pink coral. It goes on creamy but felt slightly drying on my lips after. However it was a really hot and sunny day so maybe that could be a factor.

Orange Pareo looks like a saturated orange colour on the swatch but applies beautifully and is actually quite sheer on the lips, giving just a hint of orange.

I like how both of the lip products just brighten up the face instantly.Onto the bronzer – Dior came out with 2 different formulas. The other is called Nude Glow Sun Powder and it’s one uniform shade in the pan. Both formulas are shimmery and are mineral based powders. A small kabuki brush is included.

From what I read on blogs, what shades you get in your country could be regional. In France/Europe we have all 4 shades. USA has 002 (sunlight) and 004 (sunset) and Asia has 001 (aurora) and 003 (zeith). I can’t confirm this though.
001 and 002 are pink toned and 003 and 004 are more yellow toned. Or Rose and Apricot in Dior speak, if you wish.
Before I saw them in person or spoke to a Dior counter assistant – and I highly recommend you go in person to see them instead of trying to decide online. Believe me, I tried, and those were many hours I’ll never get back. I was hesitating between 001 and 002. I wanted something natural looking, that I could use in winter as well. The specialist however immediately dismissed 001 saying it will be too light (it had crossed my mind) and I should actually look at 003. We tried 003 and it was beautiful and very natural looking. At my insistence though we also tried 002 and the rose just gave more of a warmth of colour that my complexion needed. So we went with that.

The powder looks and swatches super shimmery but on the face you can hardly see it, especially when you’re in natural light. You swirl them all together or use them diagonally, the N and E together as a highlighter, and the U and D to contour or give a pop of colour on the cheeks.
I’m afraid I just wasn’t able to capture a good photo of the bronzer swatched on my skin so there won’t be a picture, sorry.
The other Nude Glow bronzers also look very pretty. Those will really give a bronzed look and will work well as a contour. I was going for a healthy glow.

I’m not sure if you can see but the turquoise eyeliner has silver shimmer in it, which is the reason why I bought it. That plus the fact that it didn’t budge. I have oily lids and even though I love eyeliners they invariably smudge on me. I haven’t tested it under water though so I can’t comment on waterproofness for the moment.

Now the last item, Bikini … I tried to get an accurate colour to show but my camera exaggerates redness so you can’t really see. Bikini reminds me of Orange Fizz a lot (I think that was from 2009 Chanel summer), but Orange Fizz is actually brighter. Bikini is more subdued and milky. There was enough of a difference for me to get Bikini.

A lot has been said about St. Tropez. I passed because that particular kind of shade just isn’t flattering on me and I know I’ll reach for something like Bikini much more than St. Tropez.

I was told by the Dior person that both of the bronzers (by that I mean the Healthy Glow and Nude Glow) are permanent. I thought the Healthy Glow (4 shades) would be a summer LE and the Nude Glow (6 shades) would be perm but all the better isn’t it? I was also under the impression that Orange Pareo is LE but on the Sephora site (France) the LE ones are Pink Croisette and Gold Sunrise.

* Why did I go with Dior? (Or, Dior vs Chanel)I had a very very hard time deciding between the Chanel Tan de Soleils and the Dior ones. (To see the Chanel ones, look at The Beauty Look Book‘s excellent review).

As with Dior’s, one is rose based (Sable Rose) and the other beige/apricot based (Sable Beige); they’re also shimmery, but the shimmer doesn’t appear much on the face. However the Chanels have this gold strip that I really like and I think make them stand out. It gives a beautiful sheen and the swatch looks less flat, more dimensional. Chanel’s are LE for sure.

Now on my face, the beige didn’t show up and the rose just didn’t look ‘right’. To get the beige to show I have to go back a many times with my brush. Don’t get me wrong, the powders are pigmented. It’s just that the effect is very subtle. Which brings me to think that the name ‘bronzer’ is somewhat misleading … this product (and maybe Dior’s as well, to a lesser extent) to me is more like a highlighter, shimmerbrick type of powder. It gives just a whisper of shimmer and colour. If you use a heavier hand you can get a lot of colour payoff (especially with the rose). But that to me sort of defies the purpose of buying this particular product. Also the gold colour that I like, well I have largish pores next to my nose and it unfortunately accentuates them.

This is one product you must try on to see the effects for yourself. If you’re trying to decide between Rose or Beige at home in front of your computer, or worse like me, between multiple brands of summer bronzer releases, I will again give the same advice and suggest you go try it out in person to save yourself the headache.
For reference I wear Vital Lumiere Aqua in B30, Double Wear Light in 1.0.

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