Le Petit Olivier

Part of the “Used-Up” collection, behold the cheap body cream I got from Monoprix! I’ve been using and liking the ones from Aveeno, but since the shop I go to for it has run out, I thought I’d try something else in the meantime. This turned out to be a surprisingly nice body cream. I like my body moisturiser rich. This is definitely a cream, not a lotion. But it’s not too rich and sticky. For me it’s great for summer weather. Nicely scented as well, nothing like olives though (for better or worse?). I wouldn’t mind going back to this but with the change of weather I do prefer using something heavier at night. I used it up quite quickly though, perhaps because it has more ‘slip’ than Aveeno and I tend to just use a wee bit more than usual.

Conclusion: Good light-medium weight body ceram. Great for summer.

Incidentally I’m using the shower cream at the moment. It’s also very creamy, but less so than Dove (which I think is too much). Same scent.


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