Wedding Makeup

I got married earlier in the year, and after some deliberation I decided to do my own makeup. Why? Well …
1. My wedding was small and pretty casual (I chose not to wear a wedding dress)
2. I wanted to look natural and like myself (an enhanced, polished version of course!)
3. Budget and timing – yup, finally realised how much people are charging for bridal makeup.

I figured this would be a great excuse to splurge on products that I can keep afterwards too. The only things I bought for the day were foundation, mascara and lip gloss. Here’s the list of products used:Foundation: Chanel – Pro Lumiere
Makeup base: Illume Cool Force UV (Japanese brand, sunscreen + oil control)
Mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in black
Brows: Brow pencil and Bobbi Brown shadow in Saddle on top
Eye shadow base:  Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eye shadow: Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow in Beach Bronze and NARS Modern Love Palette. I used India Song on outer edge over the BB, Alhambra as lid highlight and Tokyo as brow highlight
Eye liner: Bobbi Brown gel liner in black and Pandora from the NARS palette over
Concealor/Brightener: Shiseido Maquillage eye brightener
Blush: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink and Chanel – Les tissages in Sienna
Lip: Kiehl’s balm with Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imaginaire
Loose powder: Cle de Peau

I think I’ve got everything. I really should have written this down earlier.

Here’s a pic of the products I used:

Cle de peau powder, Chanel Imaginaire, UDPP, Chanel Les Tissages blush, BB Saddle, Maquillage eye brightener, Armani Eyes to Kill, Chanel Pro Lumiere, NARS Modern Love, BB Beach Bronze, Illume Cool Force UV
 [Missing in pic: Bobbi Brown pot rouge and gel liner.]
A close up of the NARS palette:
L-R, clockwise: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song, Pandora, Habanera, Tokyo
This is probably the best eye shadow palette I ever bought. It’s really well thought out and you can achieve a lot of looks with them. I like earthy tones and smokey eyes so this is right up my alley. It’s a staple and is always with me when I travel. I mostly use India Song and Pandora.
 Chanel Imaginaire:
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Beach Bronze:

I bought this together with the shade Galaxy and I thought I’d be reaching for Galaxy more because it was love at first sight. But Beach Bronze is the dark horse. I suppose I have a weakness for neutrals and browns afterall. It’s such a fool-proof colour. You really cannot go wrong.

Anyway, for the foundation, my choices were:
– Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
– Chanel Pro Lumiere
These came up based on the research I did on bridal makeup, my criteria being that they have photograph well. Went with Chanel due to poor colour selection for the Double Wear Light.

And for mascara, it was between the GA and YSL faux cils, which I’ve used and remember loving in the past. I’m loving the GA though, and it’s not perfumed. I think I’ll keep buying this.

The common vein in most DIY bridal makeup advice is layer, layer and layer to prolong the makeup. The first item to disappear on my face was my lip gloss, which was expected. The last, I’m not sure but I’m surprised how much more long-lasting my brows are just layering a pencil underneath. Usually I just do the powder and go.

I discovered Lisa Eldrige while doing my research on how-to. Such a great resource! And Pixiwoo, the Chapman sisters, helped me choose my foundation with their video comparing different Chanel foundations. Check them out on their youtube channel if you haven’t yet. Interesting how my two discoveries are both Brits 🙂


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