Month: September 2011

Le Petit Olivier

Part of the “Used-Up” collection, behold the cheap body cream I got from Monoprix! I’ve been using and liking the ones from Aveeno, but since the shop I go to for it has run out, I thought I’d try something else in the meantime. This turned out to be a surprisingly nice body cream. I like my body moisturiser rich. This is definitely a cream, not a lotion. But it’s not too rich and sticky. For me it’s great for summer weather. Nicely scented as well, nothing like olives though (for better or worse?). I wouldn’t mind going back to this but with the change of weather I do prefer using something heavier at night. I used it up quite quickly though, perhaps because it has more ‘slip’ than Aveeno and I tend to just use a wee bit more than usual.

Conclusion: Good light-medium weight body ceram. Great for summer.

Incidentally I’m using the shower cream at the moment. It’s also very creamy, but less so than Dove (which I think is too much). Same scent.

Wedding Makeup

I got married earlier in the year, and after some deliberation I decided to do my own makeup. Why? Well …
1. My wedding was small and pretty casual (I chose not to wear a wedding dress)
2. I wanted to look natural and like myself (an enhanced, polished version of course!)
3. Budget and timing – yup, finally realised how much people are charging for bridal makeup.

I figured this would be a great excuse to splurge on products that I can keep afterwards too. The only things I bought for the day were foundation, mascara and lip gloss. Here’s the list of products used: (more…)

Look what came in the mail!

Thought I’d start the blog off with a mini haul. Ordered off the web, all from Japan, all eye products and mostly liners:

Koji eyelash curler, Lock on Liner from Kose Cosmeport, Koji 1 Day Long Lasting liner, Extra Heavy Eyeliner from Sana.

 I’ve been using a Koji eyelash curler for many years, it’s essentially the same but in blue. The only reason I got a new one is I’ve lost the additional pad they put it to replace the worn padding. I’ve been really happy with Koji curlers, they work wonderfully and best of all they’re cheap. I had a shu uemura one before but never liked it. I’ve since lost it actually… Anyway. So this new one is the “white diamond”,  it’s size 18R – the so-called standard size, said to be ideal for most asian eyes. The 22R, which they call the “black diamond”, is wider. I believe 18R is 33mm and 22R is 34mm.

Onto the liners!
I always line my eyes and I have been a gel liner fan since they first came out. They are really easy to use and since I have oily lids, stays on the longest. I tightline, so they all smudge on me eventually. But they are a lot more long-lasting than pencils for sure. So why did I buy these? Well pencils are the easiest to line with and they are convenient without the need for a brush. Plus this lot all claim to be sweat and water proof! (just goes to show how easy I am to get at as a consumer). Well I’ve only opened the Lock on Liner for now and here’s what it looks like:

Double ended: liner and smudger

The smudger

The liner end: a teardrop shape with sharper edges

The black is very intense. The shape is a little gimmicky at first but it works really well on my second try. I did a regular line, rather than tightlining. The smudger however is a little too sturdy and it tugs quite a bit on my skin. I much prefer using a smudge brush like the one  I have from Laura Mercier. I will give this a real test run tomorrow night and report later.
The rest of the liners I’ll post as they get opened and tested!